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Led by Airbridge,
A Leading Big Data Analytics Firm

We are a firm with deep expertise in data analytics, digital advertising, and blockchain technology.

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Recognized in 2016 as a promising technology company by the South Korean Government

We have tracked over
50 million +
mobile devices equivalent to 2/3 of the entire Korean mobile device population

We collect over
100 million +
Data points from 100+ different data types

Invested By

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Enterprise Partners

koreaeco rainist d-2-c Battlecomics
Kmong imo-venture younet


  • Data Privacy Infringements For Users

    Data Privacy Infringements For Users

    Your data today is collected, monetized and utilized without your consent or awareness. The data industry today is dominantly controlled by centralized services that aggregate data illegally and sell them to other enterprises to generate huge revenues.

  • Collecting and monetizing data legitimately is difficult for apps

    Collecting and Monetizing Data Legitimately is Difficult for Applications

    Because there are no existing legitimate data markets for applications to monetize their users' data for additional revenue, applications often sell your data illegally to other services that further aggregate data to sell it to other enterprises.

  • Lack of legitimate and transparent data in quality and quantity for enterprises

    Lack of Legitimate and Transparent Data in Quantity and Quality for Enterprises

    There are no existing data marketplaces that allow enterprises to purchase high quality, insightful and legally acquired data at reasonable prices for their business intelligence and targeted marketing purposes.

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Airbloc’s Data Infrastructure

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Why We're Different

  • Data Privacy

    Data Privacy

    All the data in Airbloc is completely de-identified, anonymous, secure, and encrypted through our proprietary Privacy Shield technology.

  • Data Protability

    Data Portability

    Users’ data can be transferred to other data platforms for further monetization upon explicit user consent.

  • Universal Extensibility

    Universal Extensibility

    Airbloc’s features can be easily integrated with existing enterprises’ data platforms and applications.

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The Road to Mass Adoption

Data Ingestion

Data Encryption Layer

Data Encryption integration to protect data providers' data from unauthorized access and download.

Data Cleansing Layer

Data cleansing integration to ensure uniform data formatting by data providers.

Data Bundling Layer

Data bundle system enables data to be stored according to its own category for efficient categorization of bulk data

Airbloc API

Data Provider API

Introduced Application Registration Contract for applications to register themselves as data providers.

Data Consumer API

Introduced Consumer Registration Contract for enterprises to register themselves as data consumers.


Introduced DAuth API to allow data providers to connect data collection approval requests to Airbloc network

Data Exchange

On-Chain Data Handing

Data Registry Contract for data providers to register their data on-chain

Data Exchange Contract

Implemented Order Booking Contract to include three stages of Order, Open and Close — for more customizable smart contract data exchange.

Data Re-Encryption Layer

Integrated Umbral into Data Re-Encryption Layer

Core Feature

Airbloc Account System

Implemented Wallet-Free Account Management System — Users can now use Airbloc (e.g. control their own data, withdraw ABL rewards) using either their own private key or password.

Proxy Account Integration

To allows users to use their alphanumeric password instead of using wallet apps or MetaMask, and delegate transaction fees.

Inter-Node P2P Networking

Networking stack implementation using libp2p for inter-node communication

Core Feature

Data Relayers

Data Query Support for data consumers through data providers' anonymized data

Scaling On-Chain Data Handling

Data exchange and registration using Sparse Merkle Tree (SMT) to facilitate larger scale data registration on-chain.

Data Discovery API

Data Discovery API to provide data consumers with a list of data available for purchase based on their existing identifier data.

BetaNet Release

Web SDK Release

Mobile SDK Release

Contract Deployment

Mainnet Release

Data Appending Service

Data Appending Service for data processors to add more user attributes to user profile data.

Data Processor API

API for data processors to integrate Airbloc Protocol with their own data pipeline.

Data Exchange

Identity Matching Engine to facilitate second-party data exchange and user segment data import

Base Protocol

Data Validator Nodes

Integrating nodes that act as a "policeman" to ensure the data availability of data providers through data availability challenge.

Fault-Tolerant P2P Network

Fault-Tolerant Message Delivery to ensure effective message delivery between nodes in Airbloc’s ecosystem

Core Feature

Airbloc Tracker Release

Privacy Shield

Data De-Identification

Privacy layer to ensure data de-identification by substituting personal identifiable IDs with de-identified IDs through hashing techniques.

Anonymous ID

A unique ID tagged to each unique data owner in Airbloc for purposes of distinguishing unique data owners on Airbloc during intermediate data handling processes.

Private Identity Matching

Identity unification process to unify unique ANIDs belonging to the same data owner to allow data consumers to purchase a complete user profile

Our Partners

Enterprise Partners
  • koreaeco

    Korea’s 2nd largest financial newpaper

    The Korea Economic Daily ( is the leading and most widely read and subscribed economic newspaper in Korea.

  • battlecomics

    Korea’s leading comics and webtoons platform

    Battle Entertainment is a leading comics platform within Korea serves more than a million customers. Battle Entertainment serves as a supplier of personal data (preferences, reading history, etc) to the Airbloc Data Marketplace.

  • rainist

    Korea’s leading fintech company for financial management

    Rainist is a leading Korean fintech software company which provides recommendations for financial products based on one's lifestyle patterns. It provides a financial management service Bank Salad with over 830,000 downloads on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Rainist serves as a supplier of financial data (credit card transaction history, financial spending history, etc) to the Airbloc Data Marketplace.

  • kmong

    Korea’s top online marketplace for freelance services in Korea

    Kmong is the TOP micro business matching platform in Korea. It enables individuals to both sell and buy services. Its categories include design, marketing, document, business, computer, music and video, life services, and handmade products. Kmong serves as a supplier of transaction data to the Airbloc Data Marketplace. Kmong has also established interest in purchasing personal data on the Airbloc Data Marketplace to allow individuals on the Kmong platform to execute targetted advertising strategies.

  • d-2-c

    Japan and Taiwan’s leading digital advertising and marketing company

    D2C Inc. is a digital advertising and marketing company established as a joint enterprise between Japan’s largest telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Japan’s largest advertisement agency, Dentsu Inc., and NTT Advertising, Inc. on June 1, 2000.

  • Bflysoft

    Korea's largest media big data company

    Bflysoft has the most extensive media reach with over 1,600 integrated partners ranging from newspapers, TV broadcasting channels, online news, and social media platforms. Today, Bflysoft boasts an impressive slate of over 1,500 including Samsung electronics, Hyundai, SK Telecom, Michelin, and Korea's National Police Agency.

  • YouNet

    Vietnam’s No.1 company in social marketing technology solutions

    YouNet is Vietnam’s Number 1 company in Social Marketing Technology solutions providing its service to more than 300 clients from various industries, including Fortune Global 500 companies: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Samsung, Nestle’, Samsung, Honda, Prudential and Yamaha.

Blockchain Partners
  • klaytn

    Kakao’s public blockchain platform

    Klaytn is a global public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean mobile platform, Kakao.Dedicated to validating the value and utility of blockchain technology by offering a blockchain service for mass adoption, Klaytn focuses on providing an optimized platform for service providers to develop and operate DApps.

  • coinplug

    World No.1 Blockchain Patent Holder

    Coinplug is the world's 1st, and Korea's 1st Blockchain Patent Holder - with a cumulative of 115 blockchain related patents in Korea and 46 international patents. It is founded by the finest engineers from both Silicon Valley and Korea, including Vitalik Buterin (Co-Founder of Ethereum) as a technical advisor. Coinplug has spearheaded an array of innovative blockchain solutions and has worked with many leading enterprises in Korea.

  • ICON

    Korea’s first blockchain platform

    ICON is one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world, with the vision of ‘Hyperconnecting the World’ through real use-cases, with enterprises, institutions, government bodies and blockchain communities.

  • fysical

    Location data marketplace

    Fysical is the world's first code-complete, fully-functional, decentralized location data market. Fysical serves as a supplier of location data to the Airbloc Data Marketplace.

  • humanscape

    Health Data Management Platform

    Humanscape is a leading blockchain-based network for patients with rare diseases which enables patients to efficiently track down their health while facilitating the development of cures and new drugs. Humanscape allows patients to retain control and authority over their own health data and improves overall healthcare throughout the health system.

  • alltbit

    Korea's First Decentralized Exchange

    Allbit is the first decentralized exchange in South Korea.

  • webloc

    Blockchain-based advertisement ecosystem

    weBloc is a blockchain-based advertisement ecosystem consisting of advertisers, ad platforms, ad publishers and ad consumers. A project backed by AD4TH Insight, a company with a dominant presence in the digital advertising industry focusing on helping enterprises with their advertisement execution — through their deep integrations with enterprise advertisers, ad platforms and publishers.

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