Airbloc’s blockchain data infrastructure is designed for mass real-world
adoption by enterprises, applications, websites and individuals.

Airbloc for Individuals

Data Owners

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Airbloc’s data tracker is the first of its kind in the world – allowing you to track, control and earn from your data flows.

Product Description

Airbloc Tracker is a blockchain-based data tracker allowing data owners who monetized their data to track, control and earn from their data flows through a fully auditable data supply chain. It seeks to facilitate more transparent data flows between data owners, data providers and data consumers.

Use Case

In the Battle Comics’ data monetization example, readers who have consented to monetize their reading interest data can track which data have been monetized and view how much ABL tokens have been generated from the sales of that specific data to book publishers and online book stores for their marketing purposes.

Airbloc Tracker is not only restricted to data collected on Battle Comics. It also contains a list of all the data that has been monetized by the user on other websites or applications. Should individuals choose to stop monetizing specific types of data, they would be able to opt out certain types of data to be monetized on Databloc. If necessary, individuals are also given data portability rights to their data to other platforms or for their own storage purposes.