Airbloc’s blockchain data infrastructure is designed for mass real-world
adoption by enterprises, applications, websites and individuals.

Airbloc for Enterprises

Data Consumers


ABX is a real-time personal data exchange platform for enterprises to exchange explicitly consented customer data based on Time, Location, and Interests, for their targeted marketing campaigns or business intelligence.

ABX leverages blockchain technology to help facilitate more transparent data flows between data owners, data providers and data consumers by creating fully auditable source of data provenance. Transaction details in the form of order, purchase amount, bids, and data flows are recorded on-chain.
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Use Cases

Data-delivery-services :
Enterprises looking to utilize the exchanged data for targeted marketing campaigns can also pay through ABL Tokens for data delivery services on ABX to push data to marketing automation software for real-time push message notifications and email marketing through webhook. Based on customer interest data, enterprises can issue time-limited and customized product/service discount coupons that are tailored to customers’ purchase intent in real time.

For enterprises looking to utilize the exchanged data for business intelligence, ABL tokens can be used to pay for API integration with third-party business intelligence analytics platforms or their own internal business analytics systems.

Data Exchange :
Data exchange or data purchases on ABX are first settled through ABL tokens through Ricardian contract or smart contracts to ensure that reward flows are automatically enforced and instantly and fairly shared with data consumers, data providers, and data owners.