Airbloc’s blockchain data infrastructure is designed for mass real-world
adoption by enterprises, applications, websites and individuals.

Airbloc for Enterprises

Data Consumers & Data Relayer

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An enterprise oriented data marketplace containing de-identified data of over 200+ types. Designed to allow enterprises to use transparent, legitimate, quality data in quantity for their business intelligence, research and targeted marketing purposes.

Company Description

GS Shop is South Korea’s largest online shopping platform generating more than $3.5 billion revenue in 2017 through the provision of clothings, outdoor equipments, cosmetics, luxury goods, furniture, household appliances, pet products, and food. Beyond Korea, GS SHOP has presence in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Russia.

Use Case

GS Shop leverages big data to tailor their products to their customers’ needs to achieve a higher customer purchase conversion rate on their site and to provide their customers with a smoother shopping experience.

Databloc would be a method for GS Shop to purchase legitimately obtained data in both quality and quantity through ABL Tokens. One of the essential data types useful for their new customer acquisition strategy is ‘Device Installed Application List.’

Since GS Shop sells pet-related products on their platform, having knowledge of potential customers who have pet-related applications on their phone but has yet to install GS Shop’s mobile application would be useful for them to entice these users to purchase pet products on their shopping platform.

With actionable intelligence provided by Databloc, GS Shop would be able to maximize their marketing performance by directly targeting potential customers through discount or free delivery coupons and hence minimize the cost associated with user acquisition.

Data Consumers & Data Relayer

Data Relayer

Product Description

Data relayers help enterprises who wish to enrich their current database with more relevant data gathered from other related enterprises in the similar industry verticals or horizontals. The enriched data could be useful for their research, business intelligence or risk mitigation purposes.

Use Case

In the case of risk mitigation, insurance companies are always looking to append their existing database with richer accurate data about an individual before serving an insurance product. For accuracy, the insurance company has to proper assess an individual’s risk profile through data gathered from multiple agencies and institutions

Insurance companies can seek for data appending services with financial institutions such as banks on Airbloc to obtain data related to a person’s spending habits and borrowing tendencies. This data can then be used for more accurate assessments and to tailor the right insurance products.

In this data appending process, ABL tokens would be required by both parties engaging in the 2nd party data exchange.