Airbloc’s blockchain data infrastructure is designed for mass real-world
adoption by enterprises, applications, websites and individuals.

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Aribloc SDK
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With Airbloc SDK, applications can collect and monetize their underlying users' data in a legitimate and GDPR compliant manner. Airbloc SDK includes DAuth, a simple data collection authorization process that can be easily integrated into applications.

Company Description

Battle Comics is a leading online comics platform within Korea that serves more than a million readers.

Use Case

With a large reader base of more than a million, Battle Comics would be able to integrate DAuth into their application to help their readers monetize their reading behavioural and interest data on Databloc. In this data monetization process, ABL tokens will be rewarded to users who agree to have their data monetized.

For example, with romance comic interest data on Databloc, online book publisher companies may purchase this actionable interest data on Databloc to target potential readers to purchase romance related comic books via targeted advertisements, discount or free delivery coupons.